Trails North Forty
The Trails North Forty Inc. is a not for profit Homeowners Corporation

Trails North Forty HOA

                                            The Trails North Forty Inc. is a not for profit Homeowners Corporation

For Realtors

The Trails North Forty is a self-managed community with a Board of Directors elected by the community. We are finding that new homeowners are moving in without any idea that the Trails North Forty is a governed community and they are shocked that this information was not brought up by their attorney and/or realtor.

Prior to any real estate transaction, your clients should be made aware that they will be moving into a community governed by its Controlling Documents (Covenants & Restrictions). A copy of this document should be passed on to the buyer when purchasing a home.  The C&R addresses such matters as Quarterly Dues, Architectural Control, Grounds & Landscaping management, Parking Pad regulations, Tree Removal, Sprinklers, etc. It also addresses the need for Proof of Homeowner’s Insurance on a yearly basis.

The buyer should have an opportunity to review this document prior to closing so that there is a clear understanding of the requirements of this community. Please make sure your company receives a copy of our Controlling Documents from the seller to share with your interested client. If the seller does not have a copy of the document, a copy can be made by contacting the Trails North Forty Treasurer’s Office. The seller will be charged $25 for copying fees.

A copy of the Association Controlling Documents are available for review here (read only document)

Requests For Closing Information

Requests for closing information regarding any Association assessments, Liens or maintenance fees should be addressed to:

          Treasurer  (via email at
          Trails North Forty HOA
          240 Deer Lake Circle
          Ormond Beach, FL 32174

Please be aware that there is a transfer fee of $75 for this service.

Thank you for your courtesy and cooperation.

Utilizing our website

We offer several services on our website for Realtors. We maintain a list of homes For Sale and/or For Rent in our community. In order to keep the listing current, please notify our webmaster of any listings, sales or available rentals in our community. This service is provided FREE of charge and provides you and your client with additional marketing opportunities. Visit the following pages to view our current inventory:



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